Hello there! Looks like you want to know How to do 666 miles away from me trick on Tiktok and Instagram? Well, you are in the right place. But there is no lens called 666 miles away TikTok filter or Instagram filter.

This is actually another feature of the Soulmate filter. So whats special about this?

The number 666 is actually a special number. According to Wikipedia number 666 is known as the “number of the beast”. They are saying that number 666 is somehow associated with the devil. (They have referenced Book of Revelation,)

One day I was trying soulmate Instagram filter. We all know that this filter tells you how far is your soulmate. The thing was I got “666 miles away from me” as the location. Since I already knew about this number I felt awkward 😀

That’s why I decided to create this article on How to do 666 miles away from me on Tiktok and Instagram.

How to do 666 miles away from me on Instagram?

Well, as I mentioned above you have to unlock Where is your Soulmate Instagram filter. You may watch the below video on how to use Instagram soulmate filter

unlock Where is your Soulmate Instagram filter.

Also you can click on following button to unlock the link instantly. To do this you have to visit this post using your mobile. Then tap on the below button. It will automatically open you Instagram app and will ask your permission to unlock the lens.

Now it depends on your luck. Soulmate radar filter will randomly give you answers such as 301 miles away from me, 9 miles away from me, 69 miles away from me. So you have to keep trying until you get the answer as “666 miles away from me/ you”

How to do 666 miles away from me on TikTok?

FIrst you have to follow the instagram tutorial. Unlock the lens and record a video as usual.

Now instead upload the video to instagram save it on your mobile.

Then open your TikTok app. Go to add video by clicking on the “Plus” icon.

Click on “Upload Video”. Select your recorded video. upload it.

Thank you for reading my article on how to How to do 666 miles away from me on Instagram and TikTok. Have a nice day!