Aging filter on Tiktok is another lens I love. This filter went viral after several celebrities used it.

While many people are able to access this filter quite easy some of us are still not able to find this filter on Tik Tok. This is why I decided to write this article on How to get the Aging filter on Tiktok.

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How to get Aging filter on TikTok?

You can quickly locate these filter effects on tiktok by simply checking it on the search bar of the TikTok app. If you want to find and do the age challenge effect, just search for the age challenge or #agechallengefilter on TikTok, then tap and open any videos you see on the above session that have the 2078 age challenge filter effect added to it.

I hope now you are clear on how to Aging filter on TikTok. If you have any questions comment below!