Want to know How to get B10 filter on TikTok? Well, you are in the right place! B10 filter became very popular among all the TIKTOK very quickly. Using this lens you are able to change the color of your eyes. Like any other filter, this lens will do some AR magic and make your eyes brown.

This works better if you have black eyes. The issue it B10 TikTok effect does now identify brown color eyes. So you need to have black color eyes to use this filter.

If you have brown eyes already you may check out ‘true eye color’ Tiktok filter to change your eyes to blue color.

b10 filter tiktok
b10 filter tiktok

The B10 filter has been a big hit on the TikTok app because it’s really amazing and cool. By using this effect, your eyes will be changed. You will have brown color eyes.

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How To Get B10 TIktok filter?

Trust me it is very easy to get this filter on Tik Tok.

How To Get B10 filter on TikTok?

First update your TikTok app to latest version. Then Lauch the app.

Now go to the screen where you can create a new video.

In this screen there is a small button called “filter” on the middle right.

Scroll though the filter and find the B10 filter for TIKTOK.

B10 Tiktok filter
B10 Tiktok filter

The B10 TikTok filter works perfect with dark colored eyes.


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