Handsome Squidward filter is one of my favorite Instagram filters. Since I child I loved these memes. Always I wondered how I would look like if I look like the Handsome Squidward.

Using this filter you will be able to change your face to Handsome Squidward. Well, it actually better than it sounds. Trust me! this will make you handsome.

There are many ways to unlock this filter. However, I will teach you the easiest ways.

The first method is very simple. You just need to open this web page using your mobile device. Then use the following button to unlock the lens.

As I mentioned you can get Handsome Squidward filter on Instagram by clicking on above button. It will automatically open your Instagram app and redirect you to the filter.

AS usual to use it open your Instagram Camera, then slect the filter. Now show your face. You will be able to see yourself as this Handsome Squidward

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