Lila filter on Instagram is the perfect lens to use if you love to take pictures on a purple background. This is was released in 2020 by Instagram user Storyfiltr. So if you love this lens make sure to thank the creator.

Instagram Lila filter will change all the green color stuff on your environment to purple. For example if you use the filter on a tree with green leaves all the leaven will be changed to purple when you record or take the picture. This is pretty cool.

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How to get Lila filter on Instagram video

Unlocking the Lila filter

As usual there are 2 way to unlock this filter.

Method 1

Open this post in you mobile device. Then click on following button.

Method 2

Visit profile of storyfiltr. Use the following link.

Then go to the lenses section in the creator’s profile.

lens icon in instagram

Now scroll down and find the video our creator created using this lens. Open that video.

Now click on Try it. Now Instagram Camera will be opened and you will be able to see the filter in action. Enjoy converting green to purple.

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