This is another awesome lens that is released by user Erikasnacks. Using this filter you will be able to find where is your soulmate right now :D. After unlocking the lens you just have to open Instagram camera. Then the filter will automatically start going so random phrases. After a while, it will tell you where is your soulmate right now.

How to get where is your soulmate filter on Instagram?

Unlocking the soulmate filter

Method 1

Open this post in you mobile device. Then click on following button.

Method 2

Visit profile of Erikasnacks. Use the following link.

Then go to the lenses section in the creator’s profile.

lens icon in instagram
lens icon in instagram

Now scroll down and find the video our creator created using this lens. Open that video.

Now click on Try it. Now Instagram Camera will be opened and you will be able to see the filter in action.

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