Teleport filter on Tiktok is another effect I love. Especially after user milliebobbybrown used this effect it went viral.

While many people are able to access this filter easily some of us are still unable to find this filter on Tik Tok. This is why I decided to write this article on How to get teleport filter on Tiktok.


did not know i had this effect on. this is why I’m not meant for tok tik

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How To Get Teleport Tiktok Filter?

If you are very lucky you can easily find the teleport filter effect by following the below tutorial.

1) Open above Tiktok Video by user milliebobbybrown. (Make sure you are using your mobile to do so.)

2) This will open your Tiktok app.

3) Find the teleport effect Icon. And click on it. (Refer Below image)

teleport filter on tiktok
teleport filter on tiktok

4) Now you will be able to use this Tiktok effect.

I can’t find TikTok Teleport Filter

This is probably since you are living in an unsupported location. To fix this download a VPN APP and activate it. Now you can follow the tutorial and find the special effects. (If you need a detailed tutorial on this let me know.)

I hope now you are clear on How To Get Teleport Tiktok Filter if you have any questions or concerns please comment below.