I hope everyone is familiar with Vogue. Wondering  How to get Vogue filter on Instagram and Tiktok? Vogue Instagram filter effect became very popular as soon as it got introduced in April 2020. However, still, some people are struggling to find this filter on Instagram. That is the main reason why I decided to write this post on getting this cool and nice Vogue filter easily on your Android or iPhone.

This filter is released by vogue.polska. So if you are enjoying it make sure you thank the creator. There are thousands of videos created using this lens. However, still, people do not know how to find this lens. I’m pretty sure that you have searched it on Instagram. Actually it doesn’t work like that. To unlock this filter there are two methods. You can find them below.

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How to get Vogue filter on Instagram?

To make this easier I have made a small YouTube video on how to get this Vogue filter easily.

How to get Vogue filter on Instagram?

Method 1

Open this post in you mobile device. Then click on following button.

Method 2

Visit profile of vogue.polska who is the creator of this filter. Use the following link.

Then go to the lenses section in the creator’s profile.


Now scroll down and find the video our creator created using this lens. Open that video.

Now click on Try it. Now Instagram Camera will be opened and you will be able to see the filter in action. Enjoy having Vogue logo on your head.

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